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buy airtime


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We make it extremely easy for anyone with any budget to invest in Bitcoin by simply doing their everyday routine.

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Get Bitcoin with next to nothing. You can invest in Bitcoin when you recharge any phone with as little as N100.

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Remicash makes it extremely easy for anyone in Nigeria to invest in Bitcoin with as low N100. You can simply recharge your phone and get Bitcoin rewards. You can lock cash for as low as 30 days and farm proceeds in Bitcoin.

KYC verification is not required to start investing with Remicash. One-step new user login in lets you start investing in Bitcoin and other powerful cryptocurrencies.

We invest the airtime profit. For instance, when you buy airtime of N1000 anywhere, the airtime may cost the vendor N470, the N30 on top of it is the vendor profit.

When you buy airtime with Remicash, we invest the N30 into bitcoin for you. So you got N1000 airtime for N470 and while investing N30 into bitcoin. The profit is yours.

To start investing in Bitcoin with Remicash, kindly click the Signup button to create an account. Set up your bank account details; this is the bank account that money you withdraw will get sent to.

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